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Product name : Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig
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Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig
TW-100 drilling rig is a kind of new-type fully hydraulic geophysical exploration drill rig mounted on the chassis of DFH554 tractor (four-wheel drive) made in louyang. It is mainly applicable to the drilling operation in the soil layers, sandy soil layers and soft-rock strata. It is widely applierd to the coal & petroleum exploration and hole blasting in deserts, plains and hilly areas. It is characterized by reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation and beautiful appearance
1): this drilling rig is mounted on the tractor chassis with quite convenient transportation of the whole machine
2): it adopts the fully hydraulic drive, with stable running and little noise
3): concentrated handles, with flexible and reliable operation; fewer cooperators and higher efficiency.
4): the powder head can be turned to any angle of 0 ~ 90°due to its small size and light weight and it is convenient to assemble and dismantle the drill pipe
5): it has advanced structure and reasonable layout, for convenience of the repair and maintenance

Drilling depth

100 m



Speed of powder head

45 ~ 263 r / min



Max. torque

739 N.m



Bore diameter

91 mm



Drill pipe diameter

42 mm



Lifting speed

0.07 ~ 0.43 m / s



Max. lifting capacity

13.4 kN



Moving travel of drilling rig

2.7 m



Duplex gear pump


Nominal displacement

32 / 10 mL / r

Rated speed

2500 r / m

Rated pressure

20 / 20 Mpa



Motor of powder head

BM4-160 PAY



Feeding motor

BM5-500 P1A1Y1



Mud Pump


Flow rate

160 L / min

Max. operating pressure

1.5 Mpa



Diesel engine model



40.4 Kw


2000 r / min



Tractor driving speed

2.45 ~ 32.05 km / h



Total weight

Approx 3500 kg

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