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Product name : Automatic Trip Hammer
Item : 2015427173526
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Automatic Trip Hammer

The automatic trip hammer is manufactured to comply with standard penetration (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9:1990. SPT drive rods and a split tube sampler are connected to the base of the anvil, and driven into the ground by the falling weight

The Automatic Trip Hammer comprises a weight of

63.5kg complete with pick-up and self-tripping mechanism that ensures the weight has a free-fall of exactly 760mm. the inner shaft acts as a guide that permits the weight to drop with minimal resistance and ensures that the weight strikes the anvil squarely. The anvil thread is usually be processed with a 1-1/2’’ B.S. whit worth to fit our standard SPT rods

Adaptors to other types of drill rod can be supplied on request

The overall length of the hammer is 2.6m extended and 1.8m when unextended. The total weight of hammer is 107kg






Outer tube assembly C/W Pawls


Inner Guide Shaft


Drop Weight




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