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Product name : HT-150 Surface Coring Machine
Item : 201672994157
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HT-150 Surface Coring Machine

HT-150 Surface coring machine is a new type of shallow hole drill which is mainly designed for engineering geological exploration. It can also be used to geological core drilling and small-scale water well drilling 


1: this core drilling machine can be utilized to many fields, including highway, power plant, bridge, tunnel as well as industrial and civil engineering geological exploration and geological core drilling or small-scale water well drilling

2: different drilling technologies are available, like alloy, diamond, steel and/or grain based on various geological conditions

3: the drilling condition can be 2 to 9 sand clay or bedding course


1: this surface drill core is a device with hydraulic pressure automatic feeding system and mechanical transmission system, ensuring high drilling efficiency and reducing labor intensity

2: large diameter hoe of spindle and excellent adaptability in drilling technology

3: large drilling torque, high strength and strong capacity of this surface coring machine

4: a wide range of speed and a broad variety of application are available

5: equipped with ball holder, this core drilling machine realizes rod lifting without stopping the machine, ensuring its safety and reliability

6: drill and water pump are installed on different frames, they can be driven by the same power or separate power for convenient disassembly or shipment


Drilling capacity (42mm drill rod) (m)


Kelly pipe (hexagon) (mm)


Rotational speed of vertical spindle (r/min)

58; 130; 268; 415; 598

Max. torque of vertical spindle (Nm)


Max. hoist capacity (KN)


Max. feeding pressure (Mpa)


Drilling angle


Max. drilling diameter (mm)

42mm drill rod: 130m / 50mm drill rod: 150m

Single-rope max. hoist capacity (KN)


Single-rope hoist speed (m/s)

0.31; 0.7; 1.45; 2.24; 3.23

Engine (diesel engine) model


Diesel engine power (KW)


Engine rotational speed (r/min)


Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)


Weight without engine (kgs)



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