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Tungsten Carbide Bit
The tungsten carbide bit is specially used in core drilling, and its cylindrical steel drill bit is covered by a layer of tungsten carbide. Threaded (screwed) connection core tube and water channel have been designed for it
The ordinary tungsten carbide bits are suitable for drilling strata (formation) from 2 to 3 grades, and needle-like tungsten carbide bits are quite appropriate for drilling rock from 6 to 8 grade
1): it can be used in drilling complex terms, and high drilling velocity is always available
2): its blades are made of high-performance alloy, which can greatly reduce the possibility of blade collapsing, as well as ensure good wear resistance.
3): muti-layer geometric cutting edge is designed to improve its discharging property, as well as to lower its cutting resistance.
4): various handle shapes are available in order to suite as many as drill rig

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